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Connections. Trust. Change.

Is your company doing the work to form true relationships, based on common values and genuine connections to real live human beings? When you’re selling a product or service, recognizing the individual humans who are truly affected by what you’re offering the world, is key to success in this modern connection economy.

You’ve come here with a problem. Let’s map that baby out.

Every new client at AEM comes through the door with a problem.  Every problem is a unique combination of circumstances that has brought you to where you are now (low sales, low reach, low roi, high turnover, high overhead, high cost per conversion… confused customers, apathetic customers, high anxiety customers… and so on).

Developing a solid understanding of where you are now and where you want to be is essential to building your brand.  At AEM we start every new client with a Roadmapping session to do just that.  The roadmapping session looks something like this:

The Roadmap Deconstructed by Christy Gharbo | VisualWorx


The product delivered to the client is a comprehensive step by step roadmap of AEM recommendations for just how you can get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow (or next month or next year) to solve those problems that accompanied you through the door.  There is absolutely no obligation to hire AEM to execute any of these solutions, though you’ll receive a complete proposal for costs for each step if you choose to do so. Many of the solutions may be tasks you can do in-house and others are best left to professionals. AEM can pull a team together to compliment your existing strengths and challenges perfectly.

Cost: $400 flat fee 

The roadmapping session includes an initial electronic questionnaire that you complete at least one week prior to the scheduled roadmapping session, a 2 hour in-person session where AEM will dive deeper into the problem and extract the nuggets that will guide the map, and a 1 hour presentation session about one week later (by phone or in-person) to review the map and proposal and answer any questions.  You’ll then have time and space to make a plan and move forward!

AEM final roadmaps often include (but are NEVER limited to) changes to (or additions of): visual branding, messaging, content marketing, social media, website design, website ui/ux, marketing funnels, customer relationship management, traditional advertising & pr, product/service quality review, customer surveys, etc.

Amy Eller pulls from a pool of high performing local professionals (designers, writers, web developers, SEO experts, etc) to build dream teams for each project based on the unique circumstances of each roadmap. Amy, herself, can perform many of these tasks when necessary, and most importantly thrives in the “weaver” position, project managing all components while keeping the big picture & final destination fully intact with every turn.

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