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Social & Environmental Justice

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Your brand is not your product. Your brand is not your logo or your business card. It’s not your website or your social media, either. Your brand starts with your mission statement and then it’s still so much more. When you take all these pieces and you fit them together like a puzzle, you can start to create a space where your customers or clients feel at home with your brand. When they see their place within your story, your story becomes part of their own. Tell their story in your story, and your brand will take flight. 


My first passion is Nature. I often work from my back porch because fresh air helps me think better. My second passion is finding solutions that make life more harmonious, equitable, and just.  I fully embraced the “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no” way of working, which allows me to dive deep into the projects I take on.  This means I’m looking for great chemistry with my clients and work that will energize and excite me. If we’re not a great fit, I’ll help you find someone who is. 

What’s your passion? Why did you start your mission-driven business or organization? If your answer revolves somewhere around “because I see a problem in the world and I have a solution to offer” then we’re probably going to get along just fine! 


I have 18+ years of experience in communications and marketing. I have worked for multiple non-profits, with missions from saving homeless pets, to supporting sustainable and equitable agriculture, to supporting survivors of sexual assault. I also did a 5-year stint in hard-core food & beverage marketing with Whole Foods Market. In 2012 I took a leap of faith and landed right here with my humor intact, a knapsack of messaging and communications tools, and a boat load of real-life practice. I’m here to share what I know and help fellow change makers make all the change! 


Wild success comes to those with a healthy balance of goal setting and detailed planning with action and calculated risks. Throw in a hearty dose of curiosity and you’re well on your way!  Yet, if business success were easy, no business would fail. But, 8 out of 10 new businesses (and non-profits!) sink within their first 18 months (according to Bloomberg). Together, we’ll work on your flexibility and customer-centric connection strategies so that you have the tools for big picture, outside-the-box thinking that will lead to longterm success. 

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You believe in your company, or you wouldn’t be here. But something’s not working… or you wouldn’t be here. Let’s figure out how to get your customers as jazzed about what you’re doing, as you are! 

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